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Aug 24, 2018

When we put out the call for furry musicians who might be interested in helping us test our format, b.trx was the very first to respond! They ended up being the second recording for logistical reasons, but that doesn't make us any less thankful :)!

They make a lot of electronic music that might be accurately described as "experimental," but don't let that put you off: they're a lot of fun to listen to!

Here’s where to find them:
their website (
Twitter @b__trx
Soundcloud: b.trx
Spotify: B.Trx
Bandcamp: b.trx

The last track played, “Fireworks," is currently unreleased, but we will update the show notes with links if and when it is available.

towards: Bandcamp, SpotifySoundcloud
almost there: Bandcamp, SpotifySoundcloud
guirare: Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud

Tools and Techniques:
Ableton Live
push to hardware
Native Instruments
- Rounds
- Digitakt
- Digitone

Artists and Songs Mentioned:
Kings of Convenience
- Scars on Land
Sufjan Stevens
- Carrie and Lowell

Zoofonix can be found in the following locations:
our website
Twitter: @zoofonix
Facebook: zoofonix
tumblr: zoofonix
Soundcloud: zoofonix
Spotify: listenplaylists
iTunes: listen
Google Play Music: listen
Stitcher: listen
email: zoofonix @