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Sep 7, 2018

Steve has been a friend of the show from since way back when we still thought it might be a radio station. He made our logo, in fact!

He's what we might call prolific, with a lot of different projects and hours upon hours of tracks published and available for your beautiful ears.

Genres include: ambient, post-rock, metalcore, and EDM.

Here's where to find him:
Edgedestroys: old twitter, mastodon
HYENABLOOD: new twitter
Runetooth: twitter, soundcloud
As Seas Exhale: twitter, bandcamp
Ghosts of Catharsis: bandcamp
Plasma Cutter: bandcamp, spotify, soundcloud

Ennui Bloom: soundcloud
The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo: bandcamp
Cobalt Bloom: soundcloud
Blade of Phanes: bandcamp

Tracks Played:
New Home: soundcloud (lyrics are in the song info)
Hyperdimensional: bandcamp, spotify
Oil and Vinegar: bandcamp (lyrics are in the song info)
Salar: bandcamp

Unconditional by Ghosts of Catharsis: bandcamp

Tools mentioned:
GetGood Drums
LePou Plugins (the name of the person who makes the software is "Poulin", which is the name that Steve says on the show!)

Artists Mentioned:
Jon Hopkins
Telefon Tel Aviv
Balance and Composure
Diarrhea Planet
Misery Signals
Texas in July
August Burns Red

Zoofonix can be found in the following locations:
our website
Twitter: @zoofonix
Facebook: zoofonix
tumblr: zoofonix
Soundcloud: zoofonix
Spotify: listenplaylists
iTunes: listen
Google Play Music: listen
Stitcher: listen
email: zoofonix @