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Dec 27, 2018

ZFX leaves North America for the first time to go visit Sor in South Africa! Joins us as they serve up some sweet, hand-made synth tunes!

Genres include: kawaii future bass, future pop, dance, edm

Here's where to find them!

Tracks played:
Only one of the tracks played has a version available...

Dec 15, 2018

Merry Year End! Here's some crunchy garage punk!

genres include: punk rock, alt rock

Here’s where to find them:

Tracks Played:
Forgive and Forget: soundcloud
Forgotten Defenders: soundcloud
Crowded Rooms: soundcloud
Endless Cycle: soundcloud

Tools Mentioned:
Blue Yeti
Line 6 Amplifiers

Nov 9, 2018

It's one (1) week late for Spooky Time but if you, like us, cannot let go of halloween, boy is this the episode for you!! Dyl has been involved in many projects, but this one is theirs and theirs alone: dark tracks sure to put you at unease.

genres include: ambient, drone, doom, noise

Here’s where to find them:

Oct 20, 2018

Sorry for the small delay but as usual it's worth it!

This week's artist, Vak, was one of the first to approach us to be on the show since we've started. His project, Cordial, has some rather intriguing content he we hope will make your! Headphones are recommended, and a well lit room.

Genres include:...

Oct 5, 2018

What's up! Semiotics has some really, really great lo-fi pop/rock that we think y'all will love! 

Genres include: alternative, lo-fi, rock

Here’s where to find them:

Tracks Played:
Left Alone Again: bandcamp (album version), bandcamp (single version, lyrics)
Day Is Done/Without a Trace: bandcamp