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Sep 21, 2018

Fuzzy Proxy is the second artist we cold-contacted for an interview, and we couldn't be happier that they said yes! This interview is a little short, but it's chock full of life and delightful, chippy tunes!

Genres include: chiptune, witchhouse 

Here’s where to find them:
Fuzzy Proxy: patreontwitter, mastodon (, mastodon (, soundcloud
Out and Loud: twitterbandcamp, soundcloud

Tracks Played:
Boundary: bandcampsoundcloud
Machinima: bandcamp, soundcloud
Progress: bandcamp, soundcloud
Cracked Foundation: bandcamp, soundcloud

Tools Mentioned:
Little Sound DJ

Artists Mentioned:
White Ring
- Black Earth That Made Me
Steve Reich
- Clapping Music

Words that may have been hard to understand:
Musique Concrète

Zoofonix can be found in the following locations:
our website
Twitter: @zoofonix
Facebook: zoofonix
tumblr: zoofonix
Soundcloud: zoofonix
Spotify: listenplaylists
iTunes: listen
Google Play Music: listen
Stitcher: listen
Bandcamp: zoofonix
email: zoofonix @